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Company Information

Toshiyuki Sakamoto

OKAYA SEIRITSU ENGINEERING CO., LTD. started out manufacturing hydraulic controllers in 1950. We have achieved excellent control technology and developed actuators and control systems that can be used to control air and liquid flow and which make a large contribution to the room pressure control of pharmaceutical factories, high technology factories such as those involved in producing LCDs and biotechnology, and laboratories through to the tap water and sewage treatment facilities that are closely related to our daily lives, iron and steel works for base materials and power plants as part of the social infrastructure. A representative example would be the inspectors of plastic bottles and cans, which are just one of our products that have been highly evaluated.

As above we, OKAYA SEIRITSU ENGINEERING CO., LTD. like to get a grip on exactly what customers and society need by creating new products and developing eco-friendly products and achieve assured growth. Our managerial issues such as sophisticated market needs, globally developing company businesses and, conservation of the global environment, etc. are all growing even more complicated. We aim at coexisting with our clients through the growth of and innovations made by each of our employees and by further improving our accumulated technology, products, and maintenance service, which have now been available for over a half century.

Company policy"Coexistence" and "growth"

  • We shall continue to promote our company activities with the aim of "coexisting with the global environment".
  • We shall aim at "coexistence with society" through high quality products in improving customer satisfaction.
  • We shall aim at the "growth of employees" by considering the vision of each employee to be valuable.
  • We shall aim at "continuous growth of the company" by constantly creating new value.

Environmental declaration

We, as a cosmopolitan company, hereby declare that we recognize the importance of the global environment, are positively involved in the issue, spontaneously draw up action plans, and attempt to maintain and improve the environment with all our power.

  1. We shall comply with any environment-related regulations.
  2. We shall address the global warming issue.
  3. We shall address an approach to the creation of a recyclable economic society.
  4. We shall address a reduction in environmental load.
  5. We shall arrange an overall company organization system and apply it throughout the individual processes.
  6. We shall address cleaning and beautification activity as a worthy local neighbor.
  7. We shall promote the activity of obtaining ISO14001.
  8. We shall notify all employees of our approach to environmental issues and also disclose outside the company.

"Deliver the world-class products"

  • Let's create high quality and new technology,
    and aim one step ahead of the ideal goal.
  • Let's improve quality by every one's working ability and experience.